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Why choose Bekatec?

Bekatec provides online solutions to help your organization grow.

A comprehensive website content, maintenance, and analytics service provider as well as a web design, e-commerce solutions and digital marketing agency, Bekatec Online Solutions has been designing, developing, operating, and maintaining hundreds of websites for enterprise customers around the world since 1996. This expertise informs our custom-fit solutions and strategies, designed to overcome diverse challenges.

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About Bekatec

Solutions For You

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Individual Solutions with the Solution Finder

Are you seeking a creative solution to a current problem?
Our Solution Finder supports you in finding the right products for your corporate strategy, product presentation, and business goals.

→ available shortly

Solutions for Start-Ups and the Self-Employed

We have cost-effective industry-specific solutions and products for your business. Our website templates suitable for a wide range of industries can help you design your ideal digital business presence.

→ Website Construction Kit

→ E-Commerce

→ Advanced Website Design

Complex Business Solutions

Here you will find our customized digital marketing solutions for medium and large enterprises – from content services, SEO, and analytics, to tracking and project management.

→ Enterprise Content Team

→ Platinum Analysis Package

→ Enterprise Tracking

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